Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016

Agency: IBS


The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) is Asia’s largest road race. In its 13th year, we wanted to make it even bigger my making more people run.


In order to reach maximum people we had to catch them both online and offline, give them an experience of the race and help them find their reason to run.


So was launched a comprehensive digital first initiative - #RunForAReason


The world’s first marathon that was run on-ground, online and virtually.


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Can we use the power of technology to inspire everyone to run in real life, no matter who they are? Presenting the ‘Virtual Run’ – India’s first marathon for all. We used virtual reality to give people a taste of what running a marathon feels like, right where they were, to inspire them to find their reason to run. For this, an immersive 360-degree video of the marathon route was recorded and embedded in an interactive virtual setting with the help of Gear VR. This was connected to a specially modified treadmill. The SCMM Virtual Run was launched at the Paramhansa Municipal School, where girls experienced the real joys of running for the first time. It was then displayed at the SCMM trade expo where Google Cardboards were also given out to allow people to take the experience home. That’s how the power of technology was harnessed to inspire people to run in real life.

How can we use the power of the internet to help the entire nation participate in the SCMM, no matter where they are. Presenting the world’s first marathon run on twitter. The Twitter Run was flagged off at the same time as the physical marathon. To participate users had to tweet about why they would want to run with #RunForAReason. Every character tweeted took the run forward by 0.1 metre, up to the full marathon distance of 42km.