Kankan Film Ventures

I met with Sudarshan on a balmy summer afternoon to discuss the creation of the brand identity of his newest baby, KAN KAN Film Ventures. The brief was fairly simple, "Make it bloody kickass!"
KAN KAN Film Ventures LLP aims to be the world’s leading mobile video content provider (short-form) - distributing non-feature video content namely short films and webisodes, documentaries, music videos and games. Kan Kan Film Ventures will entertain its audiences on the go and on-demand; via tablets, smart phones and other hand held devices – offering highly personalized content. The content will also be available for viewing on PCs, internet TV, cable & satellite and DVDs/BDs. For film makers, it will be a holistic distribution and capital raising platform. Although the platform is for creative minds across the globe, our focus will be on finding & promoting talent from emerging markets and providing them with global exposure.